Hi there and welcome to Mood Manager – a unique and powerful program for boosting your mood and helping you to feel better.

Did you know that people who monitor key variables like their thoughts and feelings every day are more likely to improve (that is, to feel less stressed and depressed)?

Did you know that many of the benefits that come from therapy can be put down to regularly tracking important elements such as mood and activity?

So why doesn’t everyone do it? 

Because we forget; and we get lazy; and other things get in the way. 

But now, with Mood Manager, you can access a wonderfully simple but powerful and effective tool that works in parallel with all types of therapy and treatment.  So regardless of your chosen recovery method (e.g. medications, counseling, exercise or self-help books), Mood Manager will enhance your efforts to recover from conditions like depression, anxiety, panic and stress. 

Mood Manager isn't just for recovery however, it can also be used to enjoy a better life by monitoring and seeing how your moods are affected by events that are happening in your life, activities and just life itself.

How does it work?

Well, in simple terms Mood Manager combines the power of a number of proven strategies including keeping daily journals and tracking the way you think about and respond to stressful situations.  By regularly monitoring your thoughts and feelings, as well as the range of activities in which you engage, Mood Manager will increase your awareness of how you’re feeling and what’s helping you to feel better or worse.  Accordingly, Mood Manager will highlight those areas of your life upon which you can focus your energies to minimise negative emotions such as stress and depression and anxiety (and therefore, to feel better more often). 

Best of all, Mood Manager runs in your web browser or on your desktop allowing private and confidential access from any computer, anywhere that has Internet access (so you can help yourself at home, at work, or even on holidays). 

But because Mood Manager is not a treatment or therapy in itself it should not replace appropriate use of properly prescribed therapies or appropriately trained professionals.  Rather, it will work in conjunction with these other methods and just like that special ingredient that turns flour into a delicious cake, Mood Manager will provide a turbo-boost for your treatment so you realise more gains, even sooner.

Take a moment to check out the online tutorial video that demonstrates the functions of the tool and then sign up for Mood Manager.  After all, what have you got to lose…apart from a bad mood :)

Futher Support

Mood Manager runs a Facebook Page that provides the latest information about Mood Manager as well as providing information about ways to improve your mood. There is also a community discussion area for people to discuss practically any topic they wish.

Everyone is welcome to join the Facebook Page and we encourage all users of Mood Manager to do so as it is the main way we release news announcements about Mood Manager.

To join simply goto the Facebook Page and select the "Become A Fan" button.

Alternatively if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact us.

How Much Does Mood Manager Cost

Mood Manager is free to use by everyone.

Desktop Client or Web Based Client

To use the web version of Mood Manager simply select Sign In on the left menu or top right of this web page.

To use the desktop version you can download the client for Mac or PC here.